Pay day 2022-2023

September 19, 2022

Most people in Sweden get their salary on the 25th each month. If the 25th happens to be on a weekend or a holiday, the salary pays out the day/days before. Some agreements are different, but if you get your salary on the 25th each month, here are the dates.

Pay day during 2022 and 2023:


September: 23 (Friday)

October: 25 (Tuesday)

November: 25 (Friday)

December: 23 (Friday)


January: 25 (Wednesday)

February: 24 (Friday)

March: 24 (Friday)

April: 25 (Tuesday)

May: 25 (Thursday)

June: 22 (Thursday)

Juli: 25 (Tuesday)

August: 24 (Thursday)

September: 25 (Monday)

October: 25 (Wednesday)

November: 24 (Friday)

December: 22 (Friday)

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