Tax refunds 2022

March 4, 2022

What is a tax refund?

The tax refund is money that you get back annually if you have paid too much tax the previous year. The date you are getting the money refunded depends on when you approved your tax return. You’ll find all the important dates to keep track of listed below.

How to get my tax refunds in april?

If you want your tax refunds as early as possible you will have to have an active digital mailbox, like Kivra, before the 24 february. Approve the tax returns, without adding or changing anything, before the 30 march to get your money in the beginning of april.

Important dates

March 2-7: Expect your tax return if you have activated your digital mailbox before 27 february

March 13 - April 15: The tax returns are sent out in paper form

March 15: From now you’ll be able to check and approve your tax return digitally

March 30: Last day to submit your tax return for those who want their money in april

April 5-8: Tax refunds to those who have submitted their tax returns, without changes, before the 30 march

May 2: Last day to submit your tax returns

June 8-10: If you forgot to approve your taxes before the 30 march or had to make changes, you’ll get your tax refund between 8-11 june

November 14: Last day to pay residual tax

Do I need to pay residual tax?

The tax return is not always as fun. In some cases you might have to pay residuals. There are different reasons for having to pay back money. The bottom line however is because you haven't paid enough tax the previous year. Often without even knowing it. The most common reasons are:

  • You’ve made money on the stock market
  • You’ve made money by selling real estate
  • Your employer didn’t deduct enough tax on your salary

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