Promote healthy money habits

Surveys have shown that our parents, and theirs, have been raised with a sense of  taboo around money, as something you keep to yourself. Should it be like that? An openness around money at a young age teaches the child that money isn’t something to be worried about. An interest in private economy should be fun!

10 money questions for kids and parents

  1. What is money?
  2. What can you do with money?
  3. How do you get more money?
  4. What is saving?
  5. How much does stuff cost? A soda, a phone?
  6. Do you  have to stop buying stuff when saving?
  7. What is tax?
  8. What do you think money should be used for?
  9. What “invisible” costs are there? Rent, insurance, gas
  10. Can you buy whatever you want? Friends

Help your child become better with money

Help your kids gain healthy values by talking and training together. With P.F.C.-Junior, your kid gets their own debit card and access to the app. In the Junior-mode, your kid can see their balance, previous transactions, and push notifications every time their balance gets topped up.