A debit card for kids – in your mailbox within a week

Forget about going to the bank, standing in line, signing papers, you don't even have to call. We know that time can be used elsewhere. We made it easy. Open the app, order a card and sign with Bank-id. Done! Your kids own Junior card will arrive within a week.

Full overview as a parent

A kids first own money is a big thing, and should be used as a learning experience. As a parent to a Junior you get push notifications every time the card is used. You can easily monitor transaction history and balance, just to be ready to step in in case they need some help. Both you and a co-parent have access and you'll both be able to freeze the card from your app, in case it gets lost.

Junior access – Tabs on their allowance

In the Junior mode your kid is able to see the balance on their debit card. A minimalist view of the app packed with everything they need to start their spending journey.