Milestones – Personal finance one step at a time

Why milestones?

Getting your private economy in order may feel like a big hill to climb. Where do you start and what route do you take? Are you getting confused by all of the self proclaimed financial advisors and “finfluencers” on social media, telling you what stocks to invest in and how to maximize your return on your savings? Taking care of your personal finances is not always easy, but don’t let that stop you from grabbing the steering wheel and try for yourself. Become an expert in saving by testing it out. Put aside a smaller amount every week and watch how fast it grows into a significant amount. And guess what the best way of learning how to budget is – To make your very own budget!

With Milestones in the P.F.C.-app you’ll learn the basics in managing your personal finance, at your one pace. Keep track of your progress as you work towards a stronger financial self confidence, and remember to celebrate on the way. Milestones is located in the bottom bar, just click the shield icon🛡️

One step at a time

We’re calling the first step Warm up. The challenges will help you get a head start as a P.F.C.-user, you can easily finish this in your first week. To get to the next level you need to order a card, activate the card, and top up your account. When you're warmed up you’re ready for all the cool features P.F.C. has to offer

The next step will guide you through the basics of managing your money.Nästa steg hjälper dig att utforska grunderna i appen. When you have done the essentials you’ll notice how the tools can help you maintain a stable personal finance over time. You’ve earned Hattrick once you’ve taken the first steps towards sustainable money management, we are sure both you and your wallet will appreciate it. When you’ve set a budget, set a savings goal and started a group you’re done and ready to take it even further.

To reach the final Milestone you’ll have to prove that you can stick to your budget for a week or a month, start saving automagically, and reach your savings goal. When you’ve completed all of this you’re really done yourself a service and earned a well deserved Black belt.

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