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We created P.F.C. in 2018 because we think your money is important, so over the past five years, we worked hard to make your money easy to manage. Our mission from day one has been to boost our users' financial self confidence. It is an urgent task, and one which we take seriously.

P.F.C.'s services shut down on November 22 2023. Right now, many people in Sweden are struggling even more in an increasingly challenging financial reality. Our mission remains important, perhaps even more important than ever.

Thank you to all of you who chose P.F.C.

Frequently asked questions about the termination of P.F.C.'s services. For answers to other questions, please visit our help center.

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What happens to the money on my account?
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I paid for a subscription plan that runs past November 22. What will happen with my money?
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Credit products

What happens to my personal loan? Who do I pay back?
How do I pay back my debt for a part payment?
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What happens to my assets?

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