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P.F.C. is a new way of relating to money. It's more than a spending account, more than a debit card, and it helps you understand how you're actually doing.

P.F.C. – Personal Finance Co. was founded in 2018. We believe that great technology and design will enable a better everyday experience of managing your money. An experience where financial services are both simple and personal to use, while being accessible to more people at a fair cost. We are building a personal finance app to help our customers attain financial wellbeing.

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We want to help you live better with money

We have a unique opportunity to help people make better decisions about money as they start their financial life. We use technology to make our users' finanical life simpler and better.

"You shouldn’t need to know a lot about money or already have money to get personal care when it comes to your personal finances. You just need to be you. We’re in it together."

Kevin Albrecht - Co-Founder & CEO

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Every money decision matters

Since 2018, we've empowered users to get a head start on their financial life.

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