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Spending insights

Compare how much you spend from month to month, and see your average spending during a full year.

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A better deal for travelling

Your Premium subscription allows you to withdraw up to 10,000 SEK per month while you’re abroad – with no extra fees.

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Goal target

You're in charge

Don’t settle for one savings goal, set up to 10 savings goals with Premium.

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0 SEK/month

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  • Free physical card
  • Virtual card
  • No transaction fees
  • No exchange fee
  • Weekly spending insights
  • Weekly budget
  • One goal
  • Free ATM withdrawals up to 1 000 SEK
  • Google Pay
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35 SEK/month

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  • Everything in Free
  • Unlimited savings goals
  • Monthly spending insights
  • Monthly budget
  • Mini-flex
  • Free ATM withdrawals up to 10 000 SEK
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From 38 SEK/month

or 430SEK a year

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  • Everything in Free
  • Shared account with your partner
  • Shared spending insights
  • Seamless swapping between personal and shared account
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20 SEK/month

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  • Spending tracker for parents
  • Card limits
  • Unlimited junior cards
  • Parental controls

P.F.C. Financing

Flex – Pricing example for fully used credit

Used credit

5,000 SEK
10,000 SEK

Daily interest


Maximum interest per month

60 SEK
60 SEK
Payment period
12 month
12 month

Annual percentage rate (APR)
12 months


Total interest

720 SEK
720 SEK

Total amount

5 720 SEK
10 720 SEK

The interest is fixed and it is an open end credit. The minimum monthly payment is 6% or 50 SEK depending on the highest amount. A fully used credit of 10 000 SEK repaid during 12 months means a total repayment of 10 720 SEK. That results in a monthly repayment of 893 SEK and annual percentage rate of 13.84%  Other ways of using the credit can lead to higher annual percentage rate.

Be smart with Flex

Use Flex Credit as a short-term loan. Always aim to pay the entire debt when you top up
 your balance.

ATM Fees


< 1 000 SEK/month

> 1 000 SEK/month
1.5% fee on withdrawals


< 10 000 SEK/month

> 10 000 SEK/month
1.5% fee on withdrawals


100 SEK overdraft fee

60 SEK reminder fee

180 SEK debt collection fee


Card replacement

95 SEK