Share, split and settle up expenses

Going on a trip with friends or looking for a solution to simplify the economics of cohabitation? Groups is a feature that helps you track your shared expenses, keeps a running balance of who owes what to whom, and allows you to settle debts with just a click.

expense splitting in pfc app

Groups for trips, events, or regularly shared expenses

Friends, colleagues, or housemates who regularly do things together could easily just assume that everything evens out in the end, or you could just let groups track it for you – and be sure.

Enjoy that weekend trip or quarterly dinnerwith your friends and let us keep track of the boring stuff.

It’s easy to get started with Groups – this is how:

(If you don’t have the app yet, download P.F.C. for free to your smartphone or tablet and register today.)

Sign in and tap Groups on your home screen in the app.
Name your group, choose an icon and invite members to collaborate.

Now invite your friends!

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duo account pfc

Duo – for shared expenses with your partner

Share a joint account, while keeping your own money separate. Use one card for both your own and for your shared expenses, and switch smoothly between your accounts in the app.

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