Groups – share, split and settle up expenses

Are you looking for an easy way to split the bill for an evening out, or are you going on a trip with friends? Groups is a feature that helps you track your shared expenses, keeps a running balance of who owes what to whom, and allows you to settle debts with just a click.

A group for every occasion

The collective´s snack account or the quick after-work with colleagues? Create one or several groups and invite members with whom you share expenses.

Sharing is caring

Splitting expenses in Groups is easy. Everyone adds their purchases to be shared in the group. Once all the expenses have been added up, we calculate who will pay money to whom, and how much. Now you can get even with a single click.

Duo – Share expenses with your partner

Share a joint account, while keeping your own money separate. Use one card for both your own and for your shared expenses, and switch smoothly between your accounts in the app.

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