Flex – A buffer for your card

With Flex activated for you P.F.C. card you can rest assured that every purchase goes through. Flex is a credit buffer available on your card when You need it, and only costs when you use it.

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Go negative on your card

Do you ever find yourself questioning if there is money on the card, while at the check out? With Flex, the purchase goes through up to SEK 10,000.

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You’re in control

Use Flex when it suits you. Top up the negative balance the same day before midnight and the service will be free of charge. If you go negative for a longer period than that, you pay a fixed amount per day, with a cost cap for the calendar month.

Manage your Flex in the app

Get the full picture of your usage within the app. No unpleasant surprises, you can always see your accumulated interest and amortization rate in the app. You can also toggle Flex on or off as you see fit.

Simple pricing

Keep in mind that Flex is a credit that is intended to be used for short periods at a time, so we recommend repaying the full amount as soon as possible. Click the button below to see what it costs you to use Flex.

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FAQ Flex

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