Flex – Simpler every day

With Flex Credit, you don’t have to worry about whether there’s money on your card. You can make a purchase even if your balance is low, and get on with your life. We will let you know when you go below zero.

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You decide when and how

Flex Credit gives you access to 5 000 or 10 000 SEK of credit and can serve as an extra security so that you can complete a purchase at any time. You can choose to cancel the service at any time.

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You’re in control

We will let you know the minute you use your Flex Credit by sending you a push notification. If you top up your card the same day, we don’t charge you anything. If you forget to top up your card, you pay 5 SEK per day with a negative balance and never more than 60 SEK per month (effective interest rate of 13.84% or 28.82%). You can always check in the app how much interest you owe and how much you need to top up.

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