Snack money or a birthday present from grandma? With Junior, your child (from 5 years) gets their own bank card. It’s easy to deposit money on and safe to use.

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Junior, 20 SEK/month.
Card for siblings, no extra fee
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This is Junior

For guardians

  • Connect one or two guardians to the Junior account
  • See the account and all transactions
  • Transfer money to the account
  • Get push notifications when Junior card is used
  • Freeze/ unfreeze card for purchases
  • Get card for siblings with no extra fee
  • Transfer money back from the Junior account

See your kids’ balance in your P.F.C. app and transfer money easily.

For kids

  • See their balance
  • Pay with their own P.F.C. card from the account
  • See all transactions
  • Gets a push notification when the account is topped up
  • For everyone between 5-18

Get a push notification when the card is used.

Falling debit cards pfc

Easy to get started

Open the app, order a Junior card for your kid/ kids and identify yourself with BankID. The card arrives in your mailbox within five days. No visits to bank offices or papers to send by post.

This is how you get started

1. Open the app and sign up

2. Go to Junior and order card (delivered i 5 days)

3. Top up the Junior card from your P.F.C. account, and it’s ready to be used

4. To get the full experience, download the app on your child’s phone and login with Junior Mode

Turn on push notifications to get a push when the card is used.

Get Junior

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