Duo is a joint account that lets you focus more on your life together and less on whose turn it is to pick up the bill.

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Duo, from 35 SEK/month.
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This is Duo

  • Joint account with two cards
  • Top up with Swish
  • Both can see all transactions
  • Overview on your expenses with Spending insights
  • A personal Solo account

Use the same P.F.C. card for both Duo and Solo and select which account the purchase should deduct from in the app.

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Love and money

When living together, money easily gets mixed up. With Duo, both can top up and make expenses from your shared Duo account. Say good bye to keeping track of receipts and excel files.

Know your shared expenses

With Spending Insights, you’ll always keep tabs on your shared money. See all your purchases categorized into food, furniture, restaurant, etc. You can also easily compare your total expenses month by month.

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This is how you get started

1. Open the app and sign up

2. Order a P.F.C. card

3. Go to Duo and invite your partner

4. When your partner is signed up, you´re all set

Add the card to Apple Pay or Google Pay and you can start paying with your cards  immediately on your phone.

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