Plan ahead and keep track of your expenses. Spend with awareness and make your money matter.

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A budget with P.F.C. improves your financial wellbeing

Get reminded of your priorities with a notification every time you use the card. A little goes a long way and with a little nudge in the right direction you could help your self become a more aware shopper.

Make sure you are on track

Get feedback on how you are doing, with push notifications if you approach your budget limits

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Budget with ease with a little help from Spending insights

Compare your spending with the previous month. Keep track on if you are spending more or less on a certain category, see if you are spending carelessly.

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Spend within your budget, save the rest

Budget and goals work well together. Did you spend within your budget this month? Great! Get the option to save the rest in one of your goals with one simple click.

More about Savings goals

Consolidate your loans in one place

If you have several high-interest loans, it may be beneficial to collect them with P.F.C. With us, you can borrow up to 400 000 SEK. Read more >