Premium is for you who want more and better tools to structure your finances.

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Premium, 35 SEK/month.
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This is Premium

  • Free withdrawals up to 10 000 SEK/ month, also abroad
  • Extended tools and great deals
  • Full 12 months Spending insights
  • Create a monthly or weekly budget
  • Up to 10 savings goals with different saving horizons
  • Freeze, unfreeze and block ATM withdrawals
    and online purchases
  • Lower transaction fee on crypto investments
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Own your economy

Keep tabs on your shopping habits over time, set your savings goals with different time horizons, and set a monthly budget. Premium helps you structure your finances and gives you access to better prices on everything from withdrawals to car hires.

Whats your spending behavior?

Go back and see exactly how you spent the last 12 months. You can also view your average consumption over the whole year.

Falling debit cards pfc

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