Welcome to a new way of investing in crypto. Our service is easy to use – all you need is your P.F.C. account and BankID.

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A smoother way to invest in crypto

We have made it easy – you invest in crypto directly in the app and pay with money from your P.F.C. account.

Everything you need in one single app

When you invest in crypto, the coins are securely stored by our partner Bitpanda. Therefore, you don’t need to own a so-called “wallet”. All you need is a P.F.C. account and BankID.

How do I get started?

Download the app and register as a P.F.C. customer

Click on the Crypto widget and follow the instructions

Now you’re ready to start investing!

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Psst! Get Premium for a fee discount.

Curious? Start small

With P.F.C., you can start investing at your own pace with as little as 25 SEK. You can buy or sell crypto as often as you want, and the only fee you pay is a percentage based on the amount.

Available 24/7

All trading takes place on Bitpanda’s trading platform, regulated by the Austrian Financial Market Authority. You can buy or sell your crypto at any time, as the service is open around the clock. No waiting times – all your transactions are processed instantly.

Lower fee with premium

The only fee you pay is when you buy or sell crypto – the app itself is free to download, and there are no requirements to make investments. The fee is 4,5% of the invested amount, but only 2,5% if you are a Premium user. See cryptocurrency prices here.

Things to consider before investing

We want to ensure that investing in crypto with us is safe. Therefore, it’s important for us that you are aware of what it means to invest in crypto. Crypto is a high-risk investment, and the exchange rate can fluctuate significantly within the same day. There is a possibility of losing the entire invested amount. That’s why we insist that you educate yourself about the cryptocurrency you intend to invest in and only trade with funds you can afford to lose. Please feel free to read more about the risks involved in investing in crypto, below in our FAQ.

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Welcome to a new way of investing in crypto!

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