Couples who share their finances fight less

December 10, 2021

In a newly published study from Stockholm University, the authors Ann-Zofie Duvander and Linda Kridahl, investigated correlations between economic wellbeing and how couples choose to share their economy. The results include that couples with shared finances tend to fight less about money. We have spoken to one of the authors.

The article is part of a larger research project which mostly focuses on living conditions for elderly couples. When the authors started working closer with the material, they found it interesting to also look closer at younger couples.

“That's how it began. Not all surveys have a question about how couples organize their finances, and we found that interesting,” says Linda Kridahl.

The connection between shared finances and fewer fights gets stronger the older and longer, the couples have stayed together. But does it look in the younger generations? The study shows that shared finances have little to no effect on fighting about money. Probably because they aren't as dependent on each other's money.

“The younger couples don't have as much need for shared money. They haven't reached that part of life yet where they are dependent on their partner's money. When moving in together or getting kids, both need to contribute. They will have to find a way to share.”, says Linda.

Correlations between economic wellbeing and shared finances are also strong amongst couples who struggle to make ends meet by the end of the month. That's a sign of how shared money can be an economic safety, especially if you have a lot of shared expenses. In the end it's of course up to one another to work out what works best in their relationship, either if it's fully or partially shared savings.

An important note to end with is, the researchers haven't looked at causality. It may well be that couples who already have few fights choose to share their economy. However, the results are clear. Couples who share their finances have less fights about economy.

“There is a correlation, but we would like to note that it could go both ways, that couples who fight less generally choose to share finances. But the results are clear, couples with shared finances do indeed fight less about money, regardless of how you look at it”

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