Save for your dream vacation 2022

September 7, 2021

We didn't get a normal summer this year either. Even if the Swe-cation isn't all that bad you might’ve already started planning for a trip during 2022. That's why we’ve put together a little guide to make it easier for you to start saving. Create a travel budget for 2022 and start right away! We’ll take it from the top.

Start by figuring out where your dream trip is and what it consists of. Once you have a plan we can start counting backwards to find out how much you need to save.

The most important things to account for are:

– Travel back and forth I.e plane, boat, bus tickets

– Accommodation

– Activities and food

Start by making a daily estimate and multiplying it with how many days you plan to spend away from home. A good plan allows you to focus on making memories instead of worrying. If it looks like you can't afford the trip you can always shorten it or cut down on category that allows for it. Depending on where you're going, you might also have to count for insurance, visa or vaccination. The sum of all costs is the total of your savings goal for your dream vacation 2022.

With a calculation of our totals and a budget to follow, we’re off to a great start. Saving for something big however can seem like a huge hill to climb, traveling isn't cheap. Here are our best tips and trix.

Save automagically

As a P.F.C. user you can choose to make small transfers to your savings goal every time you use the card. After a few months you'll notice that the goal seems to be more reachable.

Save as soon as you get money

It's easy to feel lavish and a little wasteful when the month comes to an end and you have money left in your account. Limit yourself by paying your bills and set aside some money as soon as you get your salary.

Don't forget your holiday bonus

The small holiday bonus that people get on their salary is often overlooked. Keeping it in mind makes for a more realistic view of what you actually have to spend on your vacation. You can use Unionens calculator to find out how much your vacation salary adds up to.

Put aside some extra cash

Some of us might get a little extra income during the year, from garage sales to birthday money. A perfect addition to the travel buffer, if you have the opportunity!

Find ways to earn a little extra

With services like Airbnb you get the chance to add value to someone else’s vacation while you are away on your own adventure. And at the same time earn a little extra. Don't forget to check with your landlord if you are allowed to let someone else stay in your apartment while you are away. Good luck and hopefully your dream trip will become a reality!

Set a travel budget with our Travel calculator

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