Take your relationship to the next level

September 7, 2021

All couples are different , and so are their finances. Only you and your partner knows what works best for you, but one thing applies to every relationship – communication is key. An important reminder when you are talking about money is of course to respect each other's differences, and to compromise to reach your common goals.

Talk about money

A lot of people are uncomfortable talking about money with their partner, it's often something that gets swept under the rug. One of you handles the groceries while the other makes sure there is fuel in the car, and you figure it evens out. Unfortunately, there is a great risk of conflict if you are not on the same page. We’d argue that you’ll be happier together if you point out and talk about your values in economy, how much you want to spend and save.

Sharing is caring

Agreeing on how much you should contribute, and what counts as a shared expense is a very good starting point. There are several ways of sharing finances. Depending on where you are in life, your income, if you have children or not, these are the most common: 

  1. A fully shared economy where both of you transfer all of your income to a shared account
  1. A shared economy where you transfer an equal amount to the shared account
  1. A shared economy where you transfer as much as you are comfortable with. A common solution is contributing equally by a percentage so that the highest earner pays a larger amount.

There are pros and cons with all of the suggestions and it's up to you to find out what works best. The most important thing is making sure you're both comfortable and happy.

Dream big

Now it's time to think about the big questions. How do you want to live your life together? What's important to you and where can you compromise? What are your economic wants and goals? What do you need to reach them? It's easier to stay motivated once you've gone through the fundamentals. Start by setting up a shared budget and reward yourself if you succeed. With a P.F.C. Duo account you both get access to the same account but use your own separate cards. That way you both get a full overview on how much you spend together month by month.

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