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December 13, 2021

20 questions about money for you and your partner

You have been together for awhile, you have fun together, and maybe even live together. You can cook each other's favorite food, watch the same movies and listen to the same music. But how well do you really know each other financially? Research has shown that couples with shared finances fight less about money. In other words, talking about money might be beneficial to your relationship. Here are 20 questions and suggested answers, for those who want to get to know their partner even better.

Good conversation starters about money

  1. What would you buy if you won 1 million?
  2. Can you buy happiness?
  3. How often do you need new shoes?
  4. How do you put a silver lining on a weekday?
  5. How much should a birthday present to your partner cost?
  6. What was your last large purchase? Was it worth it?
  7. Tell me about a purchase you regret?
  8. Do you rather spend on items or experiences?
  9. How do you want to spend your vacation? Stay at home/ Travel
  10. What do you do on a Saturday evening?
  11. Do you own a credit card? When do you use it?
  12. Do you need to own a car?
  13. What type of food do you want to have at home? Meat/ Vegetarian/ Meal kits/ Something lighter/ Luxurious
  14. Who should be responsible for the bills? Both/ Whoever knows most about economy
  15. What streaming services do you need?
  16. What do you do if a family member wants to borrow 1 000 euros?
  17. What do you do with the money you have left at the end of the month? Save/ Splurge
  18. What do you do if you want something you can’t quite afford yet? Part payments/ Wait and save
  19. How do you save your money? Stocks and bonds/ Savings account/ High or low risk
  20. Where do you want to live in 10 years? House/ Apartment/ Rent/ Own

Are you ready for shared finances?

When you have gone through all the questions, you've come a long way. Talking about money has been shown to contribute to a healthier relationship. Hopefully you've learnt something new about each other, and maybe you're even ready for a shared account. Jump into the next chapter of your relationship today.

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