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Features you'll love and use every day.

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Understand how you spend

See all your transactions and get your spending categorized to track your spending behaviour.

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Follow a budget

Whether you want to spend less, differently or not at all - make the budget tool your best friend.

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Goal target

Achieve your goals

The trick is to get started. We have the tools to help you reach your savings goals.

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Travel easy with P.F.C.

Plenty of our users rate P.F.C. as their favorite travel card. Get all the features you need to have a relaxing trip. Avoid extra fees, top up easy with Swish and withdraw up to 10.000 SEK with P.F.C. Premium.

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Set a budget and achieve goals

Your budget is your saving's goals best friend.  With Budget and Automagic Savings we make it effortless to save up for that dream trip you've been thinking of, or to build your first buffert.

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Build your financial well-being brick by brick

With automated categorization, push notifications, and elaborate spending insights we help you keep track of what you actually do with your money, month after month.

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