Flex calculations


For a credit of 10 000 SEK calculated with a repayment time of 12 months and a monthly interest of 100 SEK, the total amount to be paid is 11 200 SEK which gives an APR of 23,70%.

Pricing example for fully used credit

Used credit

10 000 SEK

Daily interest


Max interest per month

100 SEK

Payment period
12 months

Annual percentage (APR)


Total interest

1 200 SEK

Total amount

11 200 SEK

The interest is fixed and it is an open end credit. The minimum monthly payment is 6% or 50 SEK depending on the highest amount. A fully used credit of 10 000 SEK repaid during 12 months means a total repayment of 11 200 SEK. That results in a monthly repayment of 933 SEK and annual percentage rate of 23,70%. Other ways of using the credit can lead to higher annual percentage rate.