Relationship finance

Personal finance can sometimes feel too personal, especially in a relationship. At the same time money allows you to live your best life together. Get the conversation going with your partner to take the next step in your relationship.

Take the next step in your relationship

1. Talk about money with your partner

Research have shown that couples who talk about money fight less about finances. A good idea is to get the conversation started by asking about each others economic goals. Talking about money will only strengthen your relationship and make you even more aligned. Click here for inspirational questions to get the conversation going.

2. Mine, yours and ours – try a shared account

A shared account is an easy way to try shared finances. The best is when you decide your own conditions. Share everything, share equal parts or make your own rules. With P.F.C. Duo you're living now. No signing contracts, no visits to the bank, just apply for Duo in the app.

3. Moving in together – What is sambolagen?

Moving in together is a big step in any relationship, moving out can be even bigger. Sambolagen protects both parties from having to live in a toxic relationship. An agreement however be made to disregard the law, called samboavtal. In principle a couple who've been living together, being registered on the same adress, gets an equal share of the estate if the relationship should end.

4. Is it good to save separately?

Yes, everyone should have their own buffer in case anything would happen. An emergency fund for those unpredictable moments. Marriage without a prenuptial agreement lets the spouse inherit, but what if marriage isn't for you? Read more about the benefits of having a little money saved separately here >