SECCI P.F.C. Part Payments

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1. Identity and contact details of the creditor

E-mail address

2. Description of the main features of the credit product

The type of credit
The total amount of credit
The conditions governing the drawdown.
The duration of the credit agreement
Instalments and, where appropriate, the order in which instalments will be allocated.
The total amount you will have to pay.

3. Costs of the credit

The borrowing rate or, if  applicable, different  borrowing rates which  apply to the credit  agreement
Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APR)
Is it compulsory, in order to obtain the credit or to obtain it on the terms and conditions marketed, to take out:
Related costs
Maintaining one or more  accounts is required for  recording both payment  transactions and  drawdowns.
Costs in the case of late payments.

4. Other important legal aspects

Right of withdrawal
Early repayment
Consultation of a  database
Right to a draft credit agreement

5. Additional information in the case of distance marketing of financial services

concerning the creditor
The supervisory authority
Concerning the credit agreement
The law taken by the  creditor as a basis for the  establishment of relations  with you before the  conclusion of the credit  contract
Clause stipulating the governing las applicable to the credit agreement and/or the competent court
Language regime
Concerning redress: Existence of and access to out-of-court complaint and redress mechanism