When you need a loan

Sometimes you need help financing a purchase or creating flexibility in your finances. We have solutions for various needs. Compare our loans and credits here and see what suits you best.

Personal loan

Finance bigger purchases

Are you planning to invest in a new bed or need to buy a car? With our private loan, you can borrow the money you need and pay it back for up to 10 years.

What  Personal loans
When  Before purchase
Cost  Interest from 6,49%
Repayment period  Up to 15 years
Credit amount  20 000–400 000 SEK

Personal loans


A buffer on your card

Do you often get stressed about your balance just when it’s your turn to pay? With our credit buffer Flex, you can feel confident that the payment will go through, even when the balance is too low.

What  Buffer on the card
When  At checkout
Cost  Daily fee 5 SEK*
Repayment period  1–30 days
Credit amount  Up to 10 000 SEK
*Maximum 100 SEK/month


Part payments

Convert a purchase

When many expenses come at once, you may want to split the cost over several months instead. Choose an already-made purchase to convert, and get the money back in your account instantly.

What  Part payment
When  After purchase
Cost  Fixed monthly fee
Repayment period  Pay in installments 3, 6 or 12 months
Credit amount  Up to 10 000 SEK

Part payments

All in one app

Apply for a personal loan, get a credit buffer on the card, or convert an already-made purchase into a part payment. As a P.F.C. customer, you get a free payment card and access to most of our functions in the app.

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Before we lend you money

Our views on lending

Do we believe that you can pay back?

We ask questions about your finances and conduct a thorough credit check to lend money responsibly.

Is it easy to understand how and what you should pay for your loan?

We create credit products that are easy to understand and guide you on how to use them optimally and sustainably.

Have we provided all you need to make well-informed decisions about your finances?

We are careful to provide you with transparent information so that you know what our credit products cost to use. No hassle. No hidden fees.

Read our credit principles here

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Features you’ll love and use every day.

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Spending insights

Compare how much you spend from month to month, and see your average spending during a full year.

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A better deal for travelling

Your Premium subscription allows you to withdraw up to 10,000 SEK per month while you’re abroad – with no extra fees.

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Goal target

You’re in charge

Don’t settle for one savings goal, set up to 10 savings goals with Premium.

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